Monday, January 27, 2014

Changes launch party at Smart Bar with Hunee!

CHANGES: A New Year In A New Home 

Well, it’s been a while. Some would say too long. I would say just right, as good things come to those who wait. And this good “thing” is a new home. 

Changes is growing up and moving on to bigger and better things. After our hiatus, we are moving to the legendary Smart Bar for a new quarterly party, the first of which is Friday, January 31, 2014. 

Changes may be “changing” (ha), but the concept is still the same: an approachable party with a focus on vinyl mixing and a nod to its Chicago roots. The Midnight toast and disco dedication lives on!

The launch party will feature Hunee, Samone, and Shazam Bangles.

Rush Hour / Future Times / W.T.

We’ve had our eye on Hunee for a while. As a DJ he is passionate and fearless as he travels through time from disco to acid house and beyond. The Berlin-based, Korean born producer has roots in Rap music but is known for his deep percussion and disco laced productions on labels like Ostgut Ton, Permanent Vacation, and Rush Hour for starters. I’ll end with this quote from HAHA Industries Australia: “Generally, I like the human element of dj-ing: risks, fuckups, surprises, sweat. I prefer tracks from the other side of the cliched formula. Or maybe I just prefer another formula… I have an idea of a certain functional sound aesthetic, these are sounds, I try to stay away from. And well, naturally, I call on the sounds that drive me crazy!” Sounds good, Hunee. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the floor for Changes.

Changes / Hugo Ball

Vinyl selector from and residing in Chicago. Creator of Changes Chicago. Hugo Ball resident at Smart Bar.

Boogie Musters / Peach Creepers

Beat-matching, cutting, DJ extraordinaire.

About Changes:

Changes is a Chicago event and label that serves as a bastion for roots dance music and DJ culture. We celebrate the medium; the beatification of the beat. The sundy set of unrelenting party goers at Changes takes the bacchanalian dance floor as seriously as the music. Changes loves house, disco, industrial, Italo, the list goes on. We have no temporal bias. Our civic pride compels us to represent the hedonistic and eclectic bent of Chicago’s most beloved esoteric mixing traditions. Changes DJs are real turntablists: alchemic artists behind the decks. Guest selectors include: Kon, Zernell Gillie, Studio Casual, The Black Madonna, Chicago Skyway, DJ Spun, Specter, Jamie 3:26, Justin Long, Marlon Montez, Tyrel Williams, Ross Kelly, ShredOne and Sassmouth. Samone Roberts and Nathan Drew Larsen host Changes.

Midnight toast when we light the disco ball.


Resident Adivisor