Thursday, March 22, 2012

We are back for round two after a successful launch party last month!
Specter really brought it home and we will be posting his set live
from Changes on Loves Podomatic soon! Thanks to all my party people who show and prove that Chicago is really where it's at when it comes to quality dance music! The second edition of CHANGES is at Beauty Bar Friday April 6th and is right around the corner.

Ross Kelly / Mantas Steles / Nathan Drew Larsen
No Cover

Leather Disco / Night Moves / Kokorokoko
Originally from MA, Ross is truly an exception to the "rules". His
unique style of mixing merges the old with the new in a fashionable
time machine! You may know him from the guaranteed good time at his
monthly Night Moves, or you may belong to the Leather Disco fan club,
a production outfit that is heavy on the synths! If you like machines
(the friendly kind) then he's the man to see.

It's rare to find someone who is a musical kindred spirit. Mantas is a
great DJ with an intuitive understanding of how to fit the pieces
together. He likes to swim in deep melodic rivers.

Fresh Meat Records / Changes Resident
Half label boss of Fresh Meat records and machine music artist
extraordinaire, Nathan's sets meander between classic deep house, rare
disco, and ahead-of-its-time dance music from the past.

The free midnight shot of the month is: Spring Affair

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