Wednesday, July 18, 2012


JAMIE 3:26 (ParteHardy, Chicago)

Hailing from the Beverly area on the South Side of Chicago, Jamie 3:26 has garnered recognition in his own right, and poised to unleash a barrage of hot music on the populous, Jamie 3:26 is fast becoming a music phenomenon. Driven by the desire to allow people to loose themselves on the floor and forget their problems, Jamie keeps his irons in the fire. He always seeks out new and fresh sounds. It could be a song from 30 years ago or a new jam, as long as it has a great groove, he's interested in it. When he plays, his main goal is to connect with the crowd. He feeds off of their energy. He has the uncanny ability to read a floor and switch the groove without losing them. Directing them to places he wants them to go is what sets him apart from many other DJ's. Over the last few years and with his releases of his Basement Edits series on both ParteHardy and Strobelight Honey Records, Jamie has seen much love from all over the world. Touring all around in Europe, Asia and even “Down Under” in Australia, Jamie’s heat is being felt globally. A true gentleman in the scene and connoisseur of fine music with a heart and soul from Chicago with the talent to know how to make people move is what sets Jamie apart from the rest of the crowd.

Phil Stone:

Phillip Stone comes from the outskirts of Chicago, where he had an early exposure to the infamous days of the Midwestern house and techno rave scene. He made an early name for himself by opening for world famous international artists in key downtown clubs, as well as playing at numerous underground loft and after-hours parties. His early influences came from the likes of Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Derrick Carter, Mazi, as well as many others. He was also an early riser to the minimal scene once he was exposed to Matthew Dear and others that contributed to the movement. Well before the blending of techno and house became par for the course, Phillip’s sets always drew influences from all corners of the dance music world. His sets range from deep house, techno, after-hours tunes, as well as tech-house.

Free midnight shot of is: Midnight Girl by Lenny Williams:

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